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Become The Alpha Male When Around Women

What’s the secret for attracting women?

Well there are a lot of traits that women find attractive in men. This can include BOTH your looks and your personality. Specifically women are incredibly
attracted to the guy who can demonstrate higher value (or show alpha male traits/characteristics) around them.

So if you want to be attractive to women, you must project a high status personality. But what exactly does this expression mean and why is it attractive to

Well defining it is pretty easy. An alpha status male is the guy who displays MANY of the character traits that women find attractive. For instance, he is
the guy who has the following:

* Confidence

* Initiative

* Social Proof

* Leadership

* Humor

* Authority

Sounds like a lengthy list, right? Well if you want to succeed with women, then you MUST learn how to display a high status personality.

There is a simple reason for cultivating a high status attitude with females. Almost ALL women want to be with the guy who stands out from the crowd.
Basically they want guys who are equal to or BETTER then their own social status.

Think of it this way…

REALLY attractive women are constantly being “hit on” by guys. Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to date every man who talks to them, most girls have developed simple mechanisms for “weeding out” the losers. When a guy immediately hits on a girl, she’ll place him in the “Lower Status” category.

Attractive women typically have high status. Therefore most want a guy who is equal or GREATER then their own status.

So what does this mean to you?

Well it’s easy. Whenever you first meet a woman, you must immediately demonstrate a high status personality. Even if she’s gorgeous, don’t give her
compliments or show that you’re attracted to her. Instead QUALIFY her and tease her. If you show that you’re not enamored with her looks (like other guys) then she’ll wonder if you might be an important person. login
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