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Be More Attractive to Women by Doing This…

Do you want to be more attractive to women?

Well, the truth is you DON’T need male model looks to attract women. As long as your good at demonstrating higher value,, then you don’t need to be good looking to increase your success with women. This is good news if you’re a bald or overweight guy.

But there is one important caveat about this principle…

Although it’s possible to succeed with women if you have physical flaws, you can DRAMATICALLY improve your chances if you start “working out”. By following a weight lifting routine (3-4 times a week), you’ll receive MAJOR physical and mental benefits that’ll help your game.

Here are a few ways it can help you:

1) Your confidence will skyrocket!

Most guys are out of shape. By adding some muscle to your frame (and trimming some fat) you’ll be more physically fit then the average guy. This will help build your self esteem.

2) You’ll be more attractive to women

As you probably know, women are attracted to guys with self confidence. Since one of the byproducts of weight lifting is improved self esteem, you’ll be able to display more positive character traits around women.

3) Your health will improve.

My favorite reason for lifting weights has NOTHING to do with women. I simply enjoy being in shape and knowing that I’m improving my health. And you’ll feel the same way!

A side benefit of an exercise routine is you’ll develop a more positive outlook about life. Then you’ll become a fun person to be around. So lifting weights can actually become more social.

Now don’t worry about being nervous. Many guys experience a bit of anxiety before walking into a gym. Just remember that we’ve all been at this point sometime in our lives.

The good news is most gyms offer guidance for new members. Simply register for a package membership and they’ll show you specific exercises which can help you put on some muscle. login
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