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5 ‘Touching’ Seduction Tips to Increase Sexual Tension

If you want an interaction with a woman to lead to sex, you MUST establish physical contact!

The simple truth is a girl won’t want to be intimate unless you first make her comfortable with your touch. And once she’s grown used to your contact, it’ll become easy to transition into kissing her and leading things towards sex.

What’s important about physical contact is it should be established in the first few minutes of a conversation. The problem is you have to do it without being perceived as “the creepy guy”. An easy way to initiate contact is to do it in a natural manner. And here are five ways to do it:

#1- Touch her to emphasize a point

During the first few minutes of a conversation, the touch barrier can be broken by emphasizing a point. All you need to do is lightly touch her arm or shoulder in a normal, non-aggressive manner.

The important thing is act casual about this action. Don’t call attention to it or allow your touch to linger. Just make it seem like a normal extension of your demeanor.

#2- Do a personality test

Personality tests are great for building attraction and [tag]demonstrating higher value[/tag]. However, they’re also incredibly useful for touching a woman.

For instance, a palm reading test requires hand-to-hand contact. You can touch the sensitive parts of a woman’s hands while demonstrating a skill. Then after demonstrating this skill, you should give her hands back. This will show that you’re not trying to grope her.

#3- Play games with her

Playfulness is an important part of ALL conversations. One of things that women want in a guy is a great sense of humor. So “playing games” with a woman can help you demonstrate humor while breaking the touch barrier.

The technique is pretty simple. When you’re first talking to a woman, you want to do specific things that’ll require touching her. For instance, you could initiate games like thumb/arm wrestling, the slap game or drawing on her arm.

As long as you act playful while doing these games, it’ll be easy to touch her.

#4- Cocky/funny routines

Cocky/funny is a great way to show a humorous AND slightly arrogant women. Created by David DeAngelo this routine generally involves being a sarcastic in a playful manner.

One way to use cocky/funny is to establish physical contact. For instance you can give her a quick high five, shove her lightly on her shoulder when you’re joking around, or give her “bump hip check” when you walk by her. Also if you’re walking together, you playfully walk her into objects.

As long as she recognizes that you’re playing around, she’ll love your cocky/funny routines.

#5- Do chivalrous things

If you’re walking together somewhere, you can easily establish physical contact while showing chivalrous side of you. For instance you could do these things:

• Open a door and lead her in with your hand on her lower back
• Offer your arm as you’re walking into a place
• When you’re walking through a crowd of people, be the first to go through it and offer your hand to guide her through

As I stated at the beginning of this post, physical contact must be established within the first few minutes of meeting a woman. If you implement the five tips I discussed in this article, you’ll be able to break this barrier in a simple yet effective manner. login
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